Music workshop in KULTUURITEHAS POLYMER ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

REPETITIVE MUSIC… As a constructive approach to collective improvisation
5, 12, 19.02 kell 18-20:00

The goal of this workshop is to approach collective musical improvisation by means of repetitive and simple sounds.

Repetitive Music from the 60’s has greatly influenced art both in the avant garde and in popular music until today. By looking at music from a physical point of view, musicians such as Steve Reich and Alvin Lucier have contributed to challenge the boundaries between music and sciences.

During three sessions, we will approach repetitive sounds as a continous and discontinous phenomenon in order to engage our sense of rhythm and listening within the improvisation.

The workshop is open to everyone (all levels welcome). Please register in advance to Spaces are limited. Registration cost is 120 kr for the 3 sessions. Workshop is organized by Fred, french artist currently in residency in Polymer and studying new media arts in Rennes 2, France.

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