Polymer is a vibrant center of creative possibilities. Permanent residents of the Factory enjoy their privacy and at the same time are part of a larger vision inviting concept, expression and vim from outside the geographical borders of their country.
Artists in residence have the possibility to work with the different organizations and artists within Polymer and can take advantage of the social network existing within the premises.

Art Container Gallery

Art Container is the main gallery of Polymer, focusing mostly on independant visual and performance art. It has two gallery spaces and also an open-studio, that is shared by a number of artists. From 2007 until the beginning of 2009 it was run under the name of Non Grata Art Container.
Art Container is a gallery that is open 24 / 7 for a wide variety of creative practices. It's a uniting platform for different diciplines with exhibitions, art events, regular workshops, literary evenings, video screenings and music events.
Starting from January 2008 a series of international art and performance events was launced with the name of "Global Container" featuring both international and local artists.


MARTU – Estonian Media Artists’Union
The Estonian Media Artists Union (MARTU), established in 2006, is a non-profit association which unites media artists in Estonia, boosting their ‘voice’ in society and promoting a wider recognition of this field. MARTU's main objective is to develop cooperation between artists and to support theoretical research in media art. It

Letterpress printshop
A traditional letterpress print shop is installed in the building. It is supported through the realisation of posters for different organizations within Tallinn and the presentation of workshops to public groups.

Erik Alalooga
Erik Alalooga is a metal sculptor creating installations with discarded objects providing them with new function as art. He conducts metal workshops at various times throughout the year.


Polymer has various spaces that can be placed at artists in residency’s disposal, including:
- two exhibition galleries
- band rehearsal rooms
- two large multi-functional spaces that can be utilised for different kinds of events


Polymer has good relations with various artistic and cultural organisations within Tallinn and can assist in connecting resident artists with like-minded contemporaries.

Gram jewellery studio is located in Kadriorg, Tallinn, a vibrant aspect of the unique and internationally recognised jewellery art scene of Estonia. Established in 2008 by graduates of the Estonian Art Academy, it provides a workspace for studio artists, as well as a direct outlet for jewellery sales and commissions . It offers the possibility of an artist residency (one work bench in a shared studio) for jewellery artists upon direct enquiry with the studio members.

Uus Maailm
The New World Community Center created in 2006 is a grass-roots initiative to change their neighbourhood into an enjoyable living environment, which differentiates itself from the rest of the city, and brings good people together. One of the main ideas is to change the streets into a lively public space. That would make our neighbourhood more open, friendly and attractive. Having moved in their community house in 2007, their thoughts of a friendly community have stepped closer to being realized with daily communal dinners and weekly programming.


There is the possibility of continuing an artist residency or of simply visiting one of several Cultural centers throughout Estonia, including Creative Center Carnation , Mooste artists in residency program and Sänna Cultre Manor. But also NOASS center in Riga, Latvia is just a hand reach away and well worth discovering.